Within her creative itinerary, she points out icebergs in the shape of riddles which contain traces of aesthetics, irony and triviality; she goes all the way to beauty as an experience and physical state to the ecstasy, she arrives to sex, religion, death and existence and leave us suspended on the pendulum which oscillates over the black box of her images.
If we drown in them, we appreciate their surface from the inside and viceversa, indisputable binomial of a unity on which to flow in all directions. The bottom of something is a sublime mystery and it is directly proportional to its appearance. The personal experience of beauty can possess somatic diplays: acceleration of breath and cardiac rhythm, rising of blood pressure, sickness, fatigue, sweat… a transit to the mystic and transcendental from and with the corporal. In order to find its meaning, the spectator has to take his time of observation and make the experience of contemplation allow him to observe.

Variations and Miracles shows the cartographic corpus of the penultimate part of her trip, result of almost two years of an intense personal and proffesional stay in Seville. Apart from her intensive and heterogeneous personal iconography, she incorporates meanings and images which drive to a new context of fluidity, purification and reformulation of the pictorial itinerary.
For this occasion, she presents big watercolour, ink and acrylic format on paper, which reflects the light and emptiness of the rich and powerful visual happening. In her work, she freshly and amusingly welcomes us, behind which she conceals intense and exciting territories. The painting, the light and colour, integrate new visual and cultural inputs presented in her work. The sensitive exuberance as the model of depth, approaches her naturally to the cultural and creative context of Andalusia and Seville. The sensuality and happiness, the elegance, the drama and the kindness, stick to her as if they had always been waiting for her. On her own’s Noah’s Ark ornamental combs, virgin’s crowns, paradise birds, arabesques, flamingos and other miracles get on, being lightly, concentrated and reflexively piloted.

Jose Antonio Delgado
Artist and Cultural – Educational Manager

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