J. J. Hollandus, Chymische Schriften, Viena 1773
“Genesis de la Retorta” -S. Trismosis, Splendor solis, Londres s. XVI

This series of paintings, at the new studio Mariana Sarraute in Santanyi – Mallorca, takes as starting point the iconographic and conceptual references of medieval and hermetic alchemical, taking as its central theme alchemical processes for the generation of life and creativity.
This work is a symbolic reflection about the production of life and control of its processes.

Produce, reproduce and assist this generation of life is increasingly regulated by technology. Alchemy has led to a menu of products to control the generation of life and its conversion into industrial production systems. In both the divine and the human meet, but in very different ways.

J. C. Barchusen , Elemena chemicae, Leide 1718
S. Trimosin, Splendor solis, Londres s.XVI