In this serie, Sarraute extends bridges between the screen of her computer and the physical space, between the pictorial language and the digital code, between the physical process of painting and the virtuality of light colour. Sarraute enjoys coded languages ​​and hard-to-read images: Programming codes, binary codes, cabalistic codes, pictorial codes, report codes, …

The Screenshot title refers to the image as shot over a virtual image. The surface is captured when projecting a colour plane, we could say that it has the connotation of a dream catcher: it is the desire to catch a virtual image that you don’t really have; it is the image of an image, almost presented as if it were a sample made with magnifying glass; It is a game of captured and projected realities, where the format is not the limit and where the different times are compressed into one.

As in other series, Decodex /Screenshots the iconography and the iconographic is still present but, in this case, it is in the brushstroke itself, which generates an almost modular icon: The multiple eyes of previous works are simplified and become curved lines, they are characters. Decodex is the result of refining and polishing of the referent forms, where the lines of the forms become Image Builder Codes. The key of this process is that the artist is emptying herself, to build from that emptiness the reality of the paintings.

In this serie the artist continues the zoom process initiated in other series on the image. In this process of inquiry the artist has blurred and carried out a de-construction of her referent images (alchemical allegories, Tarot cards, apocalyptic Romanesque murals, alchemical sheets, etc …). Now the figuration disappears, expressing itself in a CODIFIED pictorial language; We could say that Sarraute expresses herself in this work as a programmer who paints, or a painter who programs.

In a way, the artist expresses herself in her pieces as a painter who programs or a programmer who paints, creating bridges between her computer and the painting, between the canvas and the screen.