October Art Cala Mijor 2021

Collective exhibition at the Sa Màniga Auditorium, as a presentation of October d’Art to Cala Millor 2021, with an attractive offer of well-known artists who show their works in 12 Hotels. Mariana Sarraute presents her work in the common rooms of the Hotel CM Castell in Cala Millor.

Hotel CM Castell in Cala Mijor.
Antoni Sansó, curator and cultural manager.

We all like to look at a work of art, but we need to learn to look. And Maria ana proposes that we do it in a completely free exercise in our imagination, as an invitation to reflection, leaving a margin for interpretation and where visual thinking configures the images. Painting as an adventure, a metaphor for travel and experiences, seeking answers and meanings.

With a well-defined and balanced language, within the visual era that we live in, he creates abstract compositions where there are no reflections of reality but we can find a more mental reality. A work that belongs to the thousands of eyes that will observe it, a heavy, valid, current work … that keeps alive the language of painting and the freedom to be represented.

Within this singular conception of abstraction, the line that comes and goes in perfect communion with colors plays a fundamental role, they are needed. With the colors, combined with these straight vertical and horizontal lines, curves, liveries … that appear harmoniously within the space, he obtains a result of a strong visual load. Thus, this rhythm and movement stand out as an optical game of innumerable potentialities.

Mariana is oriented towards the poetics of color, thus light, which plays an essential role in creating the right atmosphere, enters and leaves within this labyrinth of open forms, where the figure also seeks its space and its mystery.