The Epicurean Arcane – Seville

Venue: Galeria La Mecanica – Sevilla,
Cabeza del Rey Pedro 15, Sevilla
Date: Friday, 21-01-2011

The Epicurean Arcane gives a sense of continuity to the Variations and Miracles series, penultimate stage of Mariana Sarraute’s trip, product of almost two years of an intense personal and professional stay in Seville. In addition to its extensive and heterogeneous iconography, it incorporates senses and images that drive it towards a fluidity, purification and reformulation of its pictorial itinerary. Watercolor, ink and acrylic on paper, which reflect its powerful visual evolution. In his work, he receives us with a fresh and fun welcome, after which he conceals territories of an intense and exciting secrecy.


Mariana Sarraute in the Epicurean Arcane, new and old archetypes of his personal iconography intersect, to return us to a more abstract and refined vibration of the enigma. Letters, maps and passages of a certain hermetic fragrance that in a wink, pick up the throbbing of the agitation of existence with all the confidence in the world. A transit to the mystical from and with the bodily in which observation is an act of contemplation that allows us to see. How is it possible that enjoying life wisely remains a mystery with a frivolous reputation? Who doesn’t want to meet him? Let’s keep sinning.

Text: José Antonio Delgado
Artist, cultural and educational manager

Opening January 28, 2011.